for you, dad.

one of the first things that crossed my mind when i decided to take on this road trip of a tour is that my dad would be proud.  he loved driving the country.  come to think of it, driving was the mode of transportation we took for every family vacation funded by my father.  i have to admit, part of that had to be because he hated spending money and driving was always the cheapest mode, but the other part was because he loved a good road trip.

that being said, the most important stop that i have made thus far and probably will all summer was to visit his grave at the conception abbey to get his blessing with this crazy hummer.  hardest thing i have encountered yet on this trip, but a memory i will never forget and will hold in my heart forever.

conception abbey

me and the tree we planted in honor of my father

let’s be serious, it can’t hurt to have this tour blessed at a monestary, right?!  this one’s for you, dad…i know you will be watching.

top photo: dad and i in the car on our 2008 road trip to canada for fishing


2 thoughts on “for you, dad.

  1. Ed says:

    I can’t think of a better way to start the trip… I hung out with your dad a handful of times, but those times meant a lot to me. Can’t wait to see you soon!

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