going postal code

it’s official.  the extremes tour has gone postal code.   i mean, you get your mail every day despite the weather conditions, right?  well it’s only fair that people of america get to see the extremes hummer and have a chance to experience this brand.  with that, i will tell you about my little road trip to the mile high city.

started off the morning with high winds.  when i say “high winds,” i mean 55 mph winds on the interstate.  imagine it’s like driving the car on ice where you really don’t feel like you have much control over it.  i was a little frustrated because i thought i was done with the crazy winds.  well, i shouldn’t be too picky about high winds.

it all started in the wonderful town of york, nebraska.  i stop off to get gas when it starts to rain a bit.  thinking nothing of it as the clouds and sky looked completely normal, i go into the station to pay.

crazy truck driver: “heh heh, where you headed perdy lady? we about to get some extreme weather coming our way, just like your truck out there.”

me: “oh really? it doesn’t look bad outside, i hadn’t heard anything.”

gas station attendant: “me either, i didn’t think it was supposed to get worse until later.”

my assumption: truck driver seemed a bit loony, i will keep driving.  well, about an hour later i see six severe weather vans with tornado sensors on top of their cars speed by me.  followed by those were two huge trucks with weather satellites on them.  hmm i think, this can’t be good.   i turn the radio on to find out that the eye of the storm was luckily the town that i had just passed through, so i figure i am just going to hit some major rain.

colorado state line crossed.   i look ahead to a huge enormous loud surrounding me.  no towns within miles.  rain pelting the hummer to the point where i couldn’t see 2 ft in front of me.  to the left i see a funnel cloud start to form, as billows of clouds move around the road.  omg. i am scared.  i continue on at 15 miles an hour to just drive out of this mess, and luckily it cleared up shortly after.  suddenly high winds didn’t seem half bad, i will take those again.

conclusion: if it snows in boulder, i wouldn’t be surprised.  tumbleweeds are highly entertaining to watch pass along the roads.  i hate wind.  if a tornado does pick me up, at least people will find me in the brightest vehicle on the planet…somewhere.

helllloooooo denver!


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