tappin’ the rockies

rockies vs. diamondbacks: tuesday, may 26th

i had the pleasure of meeting up with my wonderful cousin steph and her husband, ed, and of course MC guru brian to catch my first ever rockies game in coors field this week. we tapped the blue mountained coors all evening long through rain drops and sunsets to stadium seats and rooftops.  definitely a denver highlight thus far!

for starters, check out how close our seats were to the field.  pretty bad ass.

after seeing the game up close i had to check out the views from exactly a mile up, and they weren’t too shabby either.  i am officially part of the mile high club.

the purple row of chairs signify exactly one mile high above sea level

conclusion of the evening: steph and ed really know how to show you a great time, coors light tastes the best in colorado, and if you ever have the opportunity to get snoop dogg as your gps voice, you should do it.

thanks team, this was fun.


One thought on “tappin’ the rockies

  1. Mom says:

    Hey! Looks like an awesome evening. You are so right, Steph and Ed do know how to entertain, and are wonderful people!

    P.S. Happy Birthday to a Wonderful daughter!

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