exit #66

during everyone’s longer road trips,  at some point you have to stop and use the restroom.  the urge comes upon me today as i am driving to baton rouge so i notice the next exit has a few places that are restroom qualified.  exit #66.  (there are definitely places that are NOT restroom qualified and if you would like that information feel free to ask me.)

i quickly get out of the hummer and am immediately followed into the gas station by two lovely gentlemen around the age of 23 i would guess, who happened to be getting out of their car at the same time.  alas; our conversation:

man #1:  girl, where your airheads be? i wanna get me some of those!

anna: inside the hummer, but sorry, you have to do extreme things in order to get one.

man #2: oh girl, i be doing extreme things to you that’s fo sho, uh huh.

at this point i walk/run into the restroom without answering.  on my way out of the gas station, unfortunately the conversation continues.

man #2: yo girl, where your boyfriend be?  you got one? hey, come here.  i wanna get me somma this.

anna bee lines it to her hummer and closes the door to turn on the engine.

man #2: hey, hey, roll down yo window, i be likin what i see.  where yo boyfriend be?

anna: i have to go pick up my boyfriend and have things to do right now, bye!

driving out of the gas station the other man walks in my line of driving to his car.

man #1: ah hey girl, you be leaving?  well remember exit #66 as we be here in the future!

note to self.  avoid exit #66 on interstate 59 south through mississippi if at all possible.


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