going green

there is a lot of painting that needs to be done at my mom’s house.  when i mean a lot, i mean almost every room.  yesterday we went out and purchased 6 gallons of paint, 4 different colors and 2 gallons of primer.  after ranking each room in number of importance, we began to tackle the dining room.  no more wall paper people, we are going green!

things to note: my mom will not let me be around the primer without lots of fans blowing as there is a warning that it can affect a human’s reproductivity organs.

apparently this product is just known in the state of california.  since i am in iowa does it still count?  this woman wants grandkids and is not taking any chances (someday of course only when i am ‘happily married’.

secondly, i am wearing board shorts from 8th grade and a hooters bandana. please cut me some slack though, i am living out of a tiny suitcase so there are not many pieces of clothing i have with me that i am willing to sacrifice, thus the sweet get up.

stay tuned for the finished product!


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