the city of brotherly love

after my wonderful time in iowa visiting some great friends and family, hailee and i ventured out to new jersey for my next event.  i figured she would make a quality teammate for my rendezvous to the east coast.

prior to jersey we found ourselves staying a night in philadelphia to meet up with my buddy mike and his friend matt.   yea, we saw the liberty bell too.  do you think it is actually the REAL liberty bell on display or a replica?

dinner at morimoto, one of the first restaurants home to the iron chef morimoto himself!  he wins in my taste test.  the seats and booth dividers change colors consistently and check out these hand dryers.

who knew hot rocks did the trick?  i guess there is no need for paper towels during summer time or hot seasons unless it is raining.

dessert was a throwndown between pat’s and genos philly cheesesteaks.  classy, i know.

left to right: geno’s vs. pat’s

it is important when ordering a cheesesteak to say ‘wit whiz’ if you want cheese whiz and onions on it.  classic, and the best.

and the winner is?  pat’s in my book.

what a great time, thanks mike and matt!


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