12,471 miles

estoy terminado! finito! xtremes tour is DONE!  12,471 miles traveled, 90 days of successful impressions and events completed, countless memories, and a few killer tan lines wraps up my first successful tour across the us.

i couldn’t have asked for a better event to end my xtreme tour than with a sand castle building competition.  over 400,000 people gather each day to watch people sculpt sand into masterpieces in a mere 3 hours only to have the tide wash it away 2 hours after they are complete.

imperial beach, aka ib is located a mile away from the border of mexico, ole!

this particular sand sculpture happened to be from a random guy from new zealand who wasn’t even entered in the competition but just heard about the event and wanted to participate so he flew over last minute…for fun…this was one of the best there.

my LAST box of xtremes!  you can imagine the feeling. pure bliss.

this is the sampling bin…officially empty. no xtremes in here. wooooo.

the coolest part of this event is that em and i got to ride up in a cherry picker to see an entire view of the beach and sand sculptures.  this giant thing gives you some great views.  the discovery channel was filming.

below is the sand sculpture that xtremes sponsored:

rolling into minneapolis on august 11th to turn in the hummer, 3 months exactly after the tour started, seemed surreal. was i completely ready to be finished?  i think i could have gone on longer.  did the time fly by?  of course, it always does.  i am excited to embark on my next event endeavor which i will update you on soon!


One thought on “12,471 miles

  1. Aaron says:

    I enjoyed following your adventures by reading your blog! Hands down to you for finding time to keep up with a blog while being on tour! =) My final odometer count for the summer was 14,636!

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