hanging in the neighborhood

first off, my new favorite thing is drinking a nice, crisp white wine while i post a blog or two.  choice of the day is a pinot gris from california.

while in san diego i realized how many artistically talented friends i have.  i am constantly inspired by them and have so much respect on how they can make the simplest thing so easy to appreciate or turn something into extraordinary.  this is a talent i wish i had.

while emily and i were at neighborhood in san diego we were inspired to document our lunch.  please note that neither of us feel we have a talent for capturing the moment artistically, but these photos were taken with love in honor of our friends who are oh so great at it.

ok, the last picture i just had to throw in there because it was too funny to pass up. for any of you who know this girl, you know that corn dogs are her favorite food on the planet.  these were chorizo corn dogs so of course we had to get them.  i would, however, recommend this place for lunch anytime you are in the san diego.


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