the mother of all relays

i spent this past weekend working the hood to coast event in oregon.

friday i jump started the day at 3:30am in the morning to go set up on mt. hood where the start line for all the runners was.  nothing like setting up in the dark and finishing work in the dark, 16 hours later.  during these 16 hours i became an official sign maker, tattoo specialist, and cheerleader who wins cowbells.  who is jealous?

ok, maybe not for that, but life isn’t half bad on top of a mountain.

these people are getting ready to be up for a straight 24-36 hours….running!

for any of you that have fake tattoo needs or wants, i am your girl.

did you know that mt. hood is the only mountain in the country that stays open year round for skiers?  the u.s. olympic ski team trains here for this reason.  i have to admit seeing skiers geared up to hit the slopes was an entertaining site the end of august.

the finish line was located 197 miles later in seaside, oregon.  beach party time.

these guys still had energy to lift me, hard core.

it isn’t a party without life size rubber band beach balls.

best way to describe this event?  see below.  (the sign made by yours truly)


3 thoughts on “the mother of all relays

  1. Second picture from the top is breathtaking. is it real or a poster?

    also, did those people holding you toss you into the air three times like you were their hero?

    and whats with the inflatable rubber band balls?!?!

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