italy…oh italy.  i like to think that there is some type of correlation between my love for boots/shoes, and the country that is shaped like one.  when it comes down to it though, not every boot you wear offers scenic landscapes, adventurous hikes, people, and endless amounts of gelato.  so, italy “the boot” wins.

to give you an idea of how our italy travels went, we flew into milan which is on the north end of italy and worked our way down to the amalfi coastline which is mid southern italy.  oh how there is still so much of this great country for me to see.  each city gets it’s own highlight, but here i will share some of my italian favorites:

italian cappucinos. drank every day. literally.

fresh herbs. basil. everywhere.

coastal sunsets.

limoncello. typical after dinner shot. lemony goodness.

biscotti.  i didn’t even like biscotti prior.

the mediterranean.

consumed almost daily. pizza.

this hopefully gives you a glimpse into my seriousness of food consumption while i was traveling.


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