the first city my mom and i embarked on after leaving the milan airport was turin, or shall i say torino.  home of the 2006 winter olympic games.  beautiful city near the alps and surprisingly not touristy at all.

here we participated in a slow food festival called salone del gusto.  italy was the catapult country to start the slow food movement so the bi annual event is always held in turin.  located in an old fiat warehouse, hundreds of thousands of people came here to taste various wines, local foods, and food typical to each region of the respective countries participating.

outside the fiat warehouse

since we were in italy, we figured we would take an american beer tasting class.  ok, no, it was due to the fact that the rest of the classes at the festival were already booked, so american beer it was.  the owner of dogfish head brewery was there featuring both his select american brews as well as some italy brews that he collaborated on with his italian colleagues.  select beers that not even the states will allow sales of due to the high alcohol content.  sweet.

i was so perplexed as to why none of the italians finished any of the beers they were tasting.  yes, i get it, american’s stereotypically are lushes with the “never leave a beer unfinished” philosophy.  i must admit, however, in an  italian versus american beer showdown, i am team america all the way.  it was interesting to learn how highly american brewing practices are regarded in terms to the rest of the world.  america is a beer catalyst in terms of creativity, variety, and innovation.  many countries take the american brewing strategies and try to tweak them to their own flavors and tastes.

with that said, my mom and i figured the next best step at this festival would be to test out numerous wines and develop opinions on those.  contrary to beer, italians take their wine tasting quite seriously.

take note of the glass holders that were provided to us.  just encase our hands were full with food, our wine glasses could rest around our necks.  these italians have it figured out.

bologna ravioli with fresh formaggio

fried olives

every plate, fork, napkin, cup was all made with biodegradable material which somehow made the food even better.

all in all, turin was a complete success.



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