thanksgiving, i think?

thanksgiving day, wow.  although i greatly missed my family, i was able to spend it with some wonderful friends who have a not-so-traditional twist.


  • woke up on a deflated air mattress
  • woke up originally sharing a quite full air mattress with a bestie who decided the deflated air mattress would just not suffice so sharing a full of air twin mattress was a better option, unfortunately i got the grunt end of that switch
  • went to turkey day cardio blast at the gym and did “the situation” fist pump as a move
  • did the worm, twice
  • had a dance party to celine dion, mariah carey, and whitney houston
  • ate homemade sauerkraut balls for t-day dinner
  • went to bed at 3:30am after playing the game “choose your record”
  • didn’t know what sauerkraut balls even were until yesterday

…..i am sure you have guessed me by now, correct.  you know, just your normal thanksgiving day.  so thankful for life and everything that comes with it.


One thought on “thanksgiving, i think?

  1. Hannah Boettger says:

    we had such a wonderful time sharing our non-traditional thanksgiving with you anna!! thanks again for all the fun & memories!!

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