trip through the time zones

i travel quite a bit for work, however, last week may have hit a new level of ridiculousness.  allow me to share with you my trip through the time zones.

origination: lansing, michigan
destination: seattle, washington
number of flights: four
number of time zones in united states mainland: four

plane #1 EST
due to the small size of lansing, i had to take a 45 minute flight in a tiny charter plane to get to detroit where my next connection would await.  it was quite a pleasant flight and i think i was only up in the air for a total of 2o minutes.  as i begin my decent down into detroit the woman next to me mentions how quick the flight was and thus begins this conversation:

anna: i agree.  well, one flight down 3 more to go today.
woman: me too! i have 3 more flights as well before i reach my destination, where are you going?
anna: seattle, where are you going?
woman: thailand.  it really takes four flights to get to seattle?
anna: it shouldn’t, you have way more reason to be taking four flights than me.

i come to find out she and her husband have been living in thailand for the past 12 years doing missionary work, she has lived all over the world but her children are going to college in texas and she is originally from michigan, hence why she was in lansing.

plane #2 EST

from detroit i was heading to st. louis.  not a ton of progress, but at least i was heading to the next time zone farther west and not headed backwards as we sometimes get stuck doing when it comes to taking flights with connections.  detroit was very snowy.  luckily i wasn’t too worried since this is a common occurrence in the winter and this airport knows the drill to get these planes out.

as i am waiting to board the plane i realize one of my 4 boarding passes didn’t print off. weird, it only got 3 of the 4 flights.  anyhow, i go up to the ticket desk and ask the gentleman if he would be able to print off that last connection for me.   he looks up my ticket and i believe gives me a “damn girl, what the hell are you doing today?” response, and then gladly prints off the ticket for me but says i owe him the cost of paper since he was printing out a book.

get on the plane, super excited that we are actually leaving on time only to sit on the plane for an hour while it gets de-iced.

plane #3 CST
arrive into st. louis in time to catch my next connection to salt lake city.  this happened to be the one connection where i had more than an hour which excited me so i could grab some lunch, but that idea quickly became replaced with getting on the plane while there was still time due to de-icing in detroit.

as i enter the plane and take my seat i have to do a double take because i swear i was transported into babies’r’us.  i was sitting in an aisle seat and there was a small infant within reach on every side except one, including the diagonal corners.  wow!  this also happened to be my longest flight of the day.  luckily i had made friends with one of the babies prior to boarding the plane to only find out he is my companion on the flight.  so much for sleeping.  when he wasn’t smiling he was bawling, what happened to the happy medium?  i whipped out a small bag of chex mix which was my back-up lunch only to find that he wanted the chex mix too.  if i didn’t share, he cried.  how do i say no to that?

during this flight i realize that my last connection is 30 minutes from the time i am supposed to touch down to the time the plane is scheduled to depart.  we were running 15 minutes behind schedule and i am at the back of the plane.  ugh.

plane #4 MST
miraculously we arrive into salt lake city 5 minutes early and they let the people with connections get off the plane first.  i run to my gate and am the last person to board the plane, but i made it!  what a huge accomplishment when you have been flying all day.   not only did i get a window seat, but there was free wi-fi on the plane that worked for 15 minutes.

i was greeted at the seattle airport with some wonderful steak tacos and chauferred to the deck the hall ball which couldn’t have been a better way to end my day.

it only took me a full 12 hours to get to seattle, not bad eh?


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