pike place

i know pike place market is one of the iconic things to see and experience while in seattle and can often be thought of as a tourist trap, however, this past weekend i was introduced to the market in a different way.  diane’s way.

diane is a chef here in seattle that owns her own cooking school a few blocks away from the market. brian signed us up for a class to take as a total surprise to me.   nice work.

we started at the market where she showed us around to each of her personal favorite vendors that all support local farmers and sustainable products.  it was great to learn that some of seattle’s top restaurants buy their produce and fish right from some of the places at the market.

allow me to highlight a few:

frank’s quality produce.  not only do these guys have some of the freshest produce at the market, they have competitive prices AND hand pick your produce for you to make sure you are getting the best of the best for no extra charge. it is like having a personal grocery shopper without paying for one.

beecher’s cheese.  known for their artisan cheeses hand made right in the store.  my personal favorite is their mac’n’cheese, i have yet to find a better one to date.

chukar cherries.  taking maraschino cherries and bbq sauce to a whole new level.

uli’s sausage. you can’t go wrong with any of the handmade sausages made with the freshest ingredients and cuts of meat.  i tried about five the day i visited, they are delicious.

after going through and meeting her suppliers we chose a menu, got the ingredients and then went back to her kitchen to learn how to cook everything and of course eat it with local wine pairings.  a few dishes we cooked were pan seared scallops and penn cove mussels with cajun andouille sausage.

diane’s kitchen

so much fun!  learning that the majority of the market is in fact a tight knit “family” of people behind good food and local products was very encouraging to hear.  go green or go home i guess.



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