harry potter

yes, i admit it, i am a harry potter fan.  not only have i read all of the books but i generally make it a point to hit the midnight movie premieres with my other hp crazed fan as well.

when i found out this exhibition was making its debut on the west coast here in seattle, i knew this was an opportunity i couldn’t pass up.

yesterday i went to see original costumes worn by all of the characters, hagrid’s hut, actual wands used by harry (daniel radcliffe) himself, and even the authentic stone used in the very first movie from harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone.

i threw bludgers through quidditch rings, realized hagrid is indeed as large as he looks, and even got sorted from the sorting hat.  team gryffindor!!!

fun fact:  harry potter’s glasses had to be replaced with titanium frames due to his skin allergies with the original pair.

it was enlightening to see that i wasn’t the only person over the age of 25 throughly enjoying themselves and i would highly recommend this exhibition if you are a hp fan of any sorts.




One thought on “harry potter

  1. Saw this in Chicago and loved it! It’s amazing to think how little Harry, Hermione, and Ron were in the first movie. I’m currently re-reading the 7th book… oh the joy!

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