i have to say, in my opinion, the coolest thing about rome is you can walk almost anywhere in a mile radius and run into a historical structure that is aw inspiring yet still seems to fit in naturally as a part of this bustling city.

i want to visit this place with a local the next time i go.  i was slightly overwhelmed while feeling completely intrigued the entire time i was walking around.  we walked, a lot.

pizzeria da baffetto, via del governo vecchio 114, roma, italy: most unique pizza place of the trip…they put eggs on their pizza and have perfected the thin, bubbly crusts.

although i did not see everything there is to see in this great city, here were a few of my highlights:

my younger sister sarah came to join in on our travels, cheers!

sunset on the spanish steps

st. peter’s basilica; ranks in the top of structures seen thus far

the lines to get in.  never have i seen such a long line on any given day.  book your ticket ahead, it will save you HOURS.

walking around with the coliseum and roman ruins as part of the landscape is fairly surreal.



One thought on “rome

  1. Sarah Paulson says:

    YEAH I MADE THE BLOG FOR ROME!!!!! Okay…so I’ve made the blog for xmas, but this one feels even more special 🙂 LOVE YOU A BEAR!!

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