curry egg salad sandwich

i am sure you have all been anticipating what i was going to create as my egg sandwich today…or i have completely bored you by becoming obsessed with egg sandwiches.  maybe a little of both?  none the less, today i went a different route and hard boiled these eggs.

threw in some curry powder, yellow mustard, touch of light mayo, diced jalapeño, dash of cayenne, fresh basil and some italian parsley.

it still seemed boring so i diced up some honey crisp apples and threw those into the mix,  adding just the touch of sweetness and crunch it was missing.

i don’t ever eat egg salad but life’s too short to eat a fried egg every day so i needed to mix it up a bit.  i toasted some whole wheat bread and then threw on some melted muenster cheese over the top to seal the deal of delicious.  i even got crazy and threw pickles on the second half so it was like i was eating two different sandwiches. 


3 thoughts on “curry egg salad sandwich

  1. mom says:

    So, is it safe to assume that Muenster cheese was one of the many cheeses that traveled from my Iowa fridge to Minneapolis with you for New Years? If so, I am happy you are still enjoying the ridiculous plethera of cheeses I managed to acquire for the holidays. PS cheese was on sale at Hy Vee yesterday, and I have begun to restock……

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