sia snow show

the past week and a half of my life has been spent out in the wonderful state of colorado.  half of the time in the mile high city and the other half up in the mountains…perfect combination if you ask me.

i went out to work the sia snow show in denver which is the largest trade show for the snow sport industry.  a brand’s “main stage” in terms of showing off their stuff for what is to come the next season.  i love marketing.  everything about how a brand portrays a specific image is so fascinating to me.  here are a few shots:


live photo booth to see inside ride snowboards

k2 shred shop

live demos of mountain boarding

our neighbors, bula…portraying you can really feel naked without accessories

part deux, mountain style.

visiting hails, HOORAY!!  unfortunately i got sick and the weather happened to be -35 below zero which doesn’t lend itself to be the most conducive for riding, however, that didn’t stop us from having some serious fun.

anytime with a bestie is time well spent

my first snowshoe in the mountains

if you haven’t heard of the game settlers, i highly suggest you look into it.  it is amazing how many hours of the day can be spent playing this game.  who knew ore and wheat were so important in every day living.  it also makes you want to play the oregon trail.

learning all about trees from tim

playing snowball with riley

falling action shot while snowshoeing

thanks for everything colorado crew.  who’s ready to go back with me?!






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