as i sit here drinking a chilled shot of limoncello, i must write about the place it originated, the island of capri, italy.   it is just a day trip away from many neighboring towns along the amalfi coast line.

view of capri from ferry

we took a round trip ferry from sorrento which took about 30 minutes each way so not bad in terms of getting there and back.  as soon as we gathered our bearings we decided that we would take the pedestrian path up to the main town of capri, and then walk to the neighboring town of anacapri. people thought we were crazy for walking the distance between the two towns, but was it worth the adventure!  of course we met more stray cats, found a random church after hiking up millions of stairs to get to it, and saw breath taking sights.  our day trip in a nutshell:


walking through the vineyards

taking the road less traveled...up

make your own limoncello shop

looking for caves

capri is also known for having very ritzy shopping but that isn’t the first thing that comes to mind for me when i think of this island, and for that i am glad.  it is so much more than a tourist hot spot if you let it be!  getting to the highest point of capri was one of my favorite parts of the day.  the views were amazing!

highest point of capri


2 thoughts on “capri

  1. Aaron A says:

    I want to know your thoughts about prices in this part of Italy compared to other parts or other parts throughout Europe. How touristy was it there?

    • annap29 says:

      Hey Aaron! Thanks for the feedback regarding scuba diving…that is a great idea! I can’t wait to go, totally looking forward to it.

      Capri was fairly touristy but we did everything opposite of the tourists and had a blast! Instead of taking all the shuttles we walked places and it was beautiful, quiet, and quite an adventure to say the least. IT is a little more pricey there since it is an island, but great for a day trip. Personally, I LOVED southern Italy from what I traveled, I didn’t get to go down to Sicily or farther south than Sorrento/Capri but it is definitely on my list. I loved the northern part of ITaly too…definitely recommend TUrin if you haven’t been!

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