beware of the freezer

yesterday a great friend of the family, tom, came down to look for deer sheds on our farm.  for those of you who aren’t completely in to hunting, he was looking for the antlers that fall off the deer before they grow new ones.

anyhow, my mom informs me that on tom’s way down here to good ol’ southeastern iowa, he stopped along the side of the highway to pick up some road kill.  a mink.

mom: oh, by the way, the mink is in the freezer–just an fyi.

anna: what?  a dead mink is in our freezer?

mom: yea, tom wants to keep the pelt.

anna: so it is just hanging out in our freezer, body and all?

mom: yep.  it is so soft! don’t worry, he is going to take it home with him tonight.

anna: i don’t really know what to think right now.




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