the clue that gets me closer

today i find out that we will be taking the

following forms of transportation on this
mystery trip:

plane, train, boat, bus, taxi, motorbike,
bicycle, and feet.

i have also learned that the elevation span
goes from 0-8,500 feet.  hmmmm….any
good guesses yet?

here are my top 3 guesses:

southeast asia (thailand, cambodia, etc)
south america (except for brazil since
you need a visa)

t-minus 20 days until i find out
where this mystery trip is going to be!


One thought on “the clue that gets me closer

  1. Probably not SE Asia, except maybe Sapa in Veitnam. I don’t think there are any other places in the area that go to 8500 Feet. …and definitely not the phi phi islands off the coast of phuket/thailand (picture).

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