we survived vegas without losing AND breaking anything.  success.  the weather was warm enough to lay out by the pools which was a major plus, although many of the pools hadn’t even opened up for the season yet.  i felt a little older this trip…i have reached the point where sunblock becomes more important than a potential burn that turns into a tan.  not to mention lots of spring breakers were there so we felt like veterans compared to the 21 yr old youngsters.  i can’t complain, you can ALWAYS find someone older than you having just as much fun.

i always enjoy going to the tops of buildings to see what kind of views they offer of the strip. (actually, i really only do that if i hear they are cool.)  my absolute favorite view of vegas comes from the foundation room up in mandalay bay.

another favorite view happens to be from the moon nightclub in the playboy tower at palms, where we happened to be staying that evening.

we hit up the newest club in town, marquee nightclub at the cosmopolitan.  i have never seen so many people for a monday night dancescapade.  the architecture was really modern looking which was cool to see, but i thought the club lacked a bit of personality.

from modern and sleek to ellis island brewery and casino.  this is where the crazies can really come out of the wood work.  you can get $1.50 beers and awesome slices of pizza and it is within walking distance of the middle of the strip.  this place also has karaoke every single night.  even elvis came and made an appearance.

can you believe i even got the celebrity to sing karaoke with me on stage?

the big (and real) celebrity siting for the trip was dj jazzy jeff.  for any of you fresh prince of bel-air fans, we saw him up close and personal mixing the beats in style.

don’t worry, he’s still got it.


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