who loves jelly bellies?

i do!  they are somewhat of a family tradition every year for christmas….santa puts them in our stockings.  in fact, one year my mom asked me to pick up a few bags of them on my way home from college christmas break.   i thought, no problem, i will just pick out our favorite flavors and that should suffice.  11 lbs/$90/5 full bags later i found myself checking out at target being completely shocked at what i had just purchased.  did i really just buy that many jelly bellies?  my dad informed me that i had spent more money on a candy for stockings than he spent on the prime rib for the entire family christmas dinner.  whoops.  i haven’t been asked to pick them up since.

entrance of the factory

the jelly belly factory happens to be located in fairfield, california which is about 40 minutes away from sacramento so brian’s parents, the celebrity, and i made the journey out there to see how one of my all time favorite candies is made.   i was surprised to find out how much man power is actually used to make these delicious little beans.  they are much more hand made than you would think.  we couldn’t take any photos during the tour but here are a few before and after shots.

they required the hats...seriously

my favorite part...creating the mix!

2 lbs of goodness purchased


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