last weekend

weekends always seem to go by faster than usual and this past weekend was no exception.  packed with social outings, exploring seattle, and getting ready for this mystery trip i thought i would share a few highlights.

friday we went down to pike place market to get some mussels to make since i am trying not to eat meat on fridays for lent.  mussels there were $3.99/lb and fresh, something exciting for a girl raised in the midwest. we also saw a mystery celebrity there.  does anyone have any idea who this guy is?  he had a video crew with him and had to take some shots catching the fish they throw around.  he had a fan club cheering him on saying “go bri!”

saturday we biked down to georgetown and met up with an awesome group of people that were doing a pub crawl that day.  nothing better than beers, bikes, and seeing uncharted parts of the city.  georgetown is the more industrial side to seattle and happens to have a brewery home to many locals favorite brews.  it is on my list to check out.  i met a ton of new people who were very welcoming and a ton of fun so cheers to new friends.

saturday night might take the cake though.  after biking around seattle we met up with some other awesome friends for sushi in ballard.  shiku sushi to be exact.  great rolls, great atmosphere, great prices. highly recommend if you are in the seattle area for some good sushi.  however, if you don’t like sushi, there is STILL reason enough to visit this restaurant.  go try out the ladies toilet.  you are probably thinking, what?  yes, it is worth the experience.

made by toto, this unique japanese brand toilet allows cleansing from the front and rear along with drying. it looks like a regular toilet until you see the control dock next to the toilet paper hanger pictured below. just make sure you hit the stop button or you will be cleansing for awhile…i learned that the hard way.


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