beginning in bangkok

let me preface this post with saying thailand is one amazing place.  as i sit here jet lagged from our flight back to the states i am already finding it hard to narrow down the highlights of this trip as there are so many.  why not start with bangkok?

after a 45 minute taxi ride into central bangkok we arrived around midnight and hit the town due to the adrenaline rush of finally arriving.  side note: the taxi ride cost 360 baht…approximately$12…45 minutes….awesomely cheap!

bangkok is truly a city that never sleeps.  i can say this confidently as we were up at all hours due to adjusting to the 14 hour time difference and it is amazing how many people are everywhere, all the time, anytime.

a few items we found entertaining the first few days:

  • straws, 7-elevens, & hot pink taxi cabs

they serve drinks out of buckets

from water to beer, every drink (including cans) comes with a straw

there are more than 4,000 7-elevens in thailand alone. you can't go more than a minute walking without seeing one.

  • wats (worship temples) & buddha

wat pho, my favorite wat

can you find brian?

in the midst of chaotic bangkok, it seems surprisingly quiet inside the temple grounds

thai buddha vs. chinese buddha...thai buddha is the skinny one!

  • street vendors 

these pork balls on a stick are everywhere


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