ayutthaya (eye-yoo-tie-yah)

to escape the hustle, bustle, and smells of bangkok we took a day trip to ayutthaya.  this town was the former capital of siam for 417 years!  you know what that means?  lots of ruins.

we took the train out there which was awesome because we hadn’t used that form of transportation yet.  the trains rule.

who needs air conditioning when you have fans and open windows?!

kids loving life

example of how close people live near train tracks. their homes are literally right next to them.

it was after we got off the train that our lives changed forever.  we were introduced to coconut rice balls and chicken skewers.  it is worth going to ayutthaya just to try these from the stands there. they weren’t the same anywhere else we went!

coconut rice balls

with scallions

made in this skillet

brians new favorite food

chicken skewers stand

after stuffing our faces with those delicious items (for breakfast might i add) we did some sight seeing around the town.

ruins with tons of headless buddhas

heading down to a tomb you had to crawl inside

we could barely fit inside

the leaning pagoda of thailand

buddha face stuck in the tree

there goes babar

muslim desert called roti sai mai that tastes like cotton candy and looks like hair

you put the "hair" inside these sweet tortillas and eat it like a taco-delicious, tastes like an ice cream cone together

in.love. green curry with thai eggplant from tonys place

the day was a blast and this chill, laid back town is definitely worth a visit if you are in the bangkok area.


2 thoughts on “ayutthaya (eye-yoo-tie-yah)

  1. Aaron A says:

    I had forgotten about those coconut rice balls! YUM!
    Crazy to see people live in tent-like homes that close to the train! Wow.
    I’ve never seen that roti sai mai before. I want to try it. =)

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