bangkok with a local

nothing beats visiting a large foreign city with a local who knows the ropes.  we were lucky enough to meet up with our good friend kwang and do some really fun things in bangkok.  kwang is on the thai women’s professional golf team in bangkok and i got to know her through my sister kristin, being teammates together on the women’s iowa state golf team.  here are a few highlights:

banyan tree hotel rooftop bar
as soon as we got up to the top and ordered a drink, a huge storm came through and we got soaked! nothing like being up in the sky with some crazy cool lightening.  after kwang took a few pictures of brian and i at the top, a random girl came over and asked to get her picture taken with brian as well…apparently she thought he was someone famous because she was super excited after the fact.  he felt pretty cool.

one of the largest open air roof tops and some of the best views of the city

posing with new celebrity, brian

drinking lychee martinis for the first time

soaked but still happy

authentic thai massage at healthland spa
getting a massage in thailand is about as common as eating in thailand so of course this was something we had to do while we were there.  they give massages everywhere…in the streets, restaurants, stores, and of course spas.  kwang happened to have connections at healthland spa and we all got an authentic thai massage.  i want to emphasize the word authentic, as this was most definitely an experience i will never forget.

this photo does not lie via spaweekblog

in our outfits prior to massage

brian pretending to be the masseuse...little did he know what it entails

all four of us had a room together with beds laid next to each other like the photo above.  a regular thai massage lasts 2 hours and generally costs around 400B ($15).  i can’t say it was the most relaxing thing i have ever experienced, more like a work out at times and sometimes even painful.  i couldn’t believe the positions this tiny girl had me in.  they use their feet, hands, elbows, arms, shoulders, legs, and probably more to do this complete body massage.  different as it was, i still loved the experience!

meeting some of the thai golf team
these girls are great!

hanging with some of the team before they depart to china for a tournament

miss you kwang!

eating loads of good food

sushi salad

bubble tea and mango slushy

crazy mushrooms!

egg seafood pad thai with loads of hot sauce

we had a total blast together and can’t wait to go back and visit again!


3 thoughts on “bangkok with a local

    • annap29 says:

      I am so happy you are enjoying these posts Judy! We had such a fabulous time together! Thanks for reading and commenting, I love them!

  1. Aaron A says:

    Yum lychee martini’s! I’m with you about the thai massage. I experienced two of them and can completely cross that off the list now. haha Interesting how things that one would think were relaxing; ie. Russian Banya, Turkish bath, etc. end up consisting of a lot of pain and very uncomfortable elements. haha Awwhh the joys of traveling. 🙂

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