living the high life

is it lucky if you get pooped on by a bird three different times in thailand?  for brian’s case, i hope so! yep, three different times birds pooped on his arm.  at least it was in a different city each time to really mix things up.  unfortunately i only have two documented but who needs to see three picture of bird poop anyway.

in ayutthaya after taking a picture of buddha

in ko phi phi

i started to wonder if maybe his luck with the birds was because he is closer to the sky since he is fairly tall.  well, at least tall in thailand. my photos to prove it:

miniature chairs and table...or just a tall person?

tall as the roof on one of the wats

breaking through the ceiling at our hostel in chiang mai

checking out the roof on another wat

despite birds, low ceilings, or tiny chairs, cheers to him for always being a great sport regardless!


One thought on “living the high life

  1. judy kincaid says:

    Anna, love your writing. Very clever entries. Birds love me also. A seagull found me on the beach at Seaside. It must be a Kincaid thing. 🙂 Had no idea that Brian would be a “giant” among the Thais. (sp? The photos showing the contrast were great.

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