chiang mai

love, love, love this place!  chiang mai is a must visit city in thailand in my opinion.  located up north with a bazillion things to do in and around the city, it totally kept us occupied and we left with a list a mile long of places and activities we still wanted to check out.

for starters, we stayed at the cutest hostel, gap’s house.  it has a great central location and you feel like you are staying in the jungle with all the great plants they have.  the rooms were super cheap, clean, and had tons of character. the only “annoyance” was due to all the wonderful plants, we generally were applying more mosquito spray to our bodies than we were sunblock.  there is a reason they put mosquito nets inside every room.

walking in from the street

hang out area

view waking up every morning

like most hostel bathrooms, the shower and toilet combo together with no separate walls

mosquito net

the room

the food in chiang mai has much more of a burmese influence so the food native to the north isn’t quite as spicy and is a bit more greasy we found.  we made a point to try all the local specialties, plus other random stuff too.  don’t worry, everything was delicious.

burmese eggplant stir fry, tiny green chunks are thai eggplant--amazing

kow soi--dish they are known for with yellow curry, egg noodles, and fried noodles on top

chiang mai sausage...lots of curry flavor

green papaya salad

lastly, who doesn’t love a little randomness a city has to offer?

connect four at the night bazaare

light up trees

this is what it looked like outside the post office on a daily basis

parking lot just for motorbikes


2 thoughts on “chiang mai

  1. Aaron A says:

    I’ve never been to Chiang Mai but always hear good things. It always feels so odd to take a shower and be getting everything wet at the same time. I enjoyed seeing your photos of the food. The fish dumplings caught my eye the most.

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