tatoosh lakes

my mom and sister, katie, came to visit a few weeks ago…we had a great time!  allow me to highlight one of our adventures: tatoosh lakes.

we decided to go hiking.  tatoosh lakes trail is located in the southern cascade mountain range about 3 hours southeast of seattle.  just a quick jaunt for a day hike….right.  since i had not been on this trail but had heard great things, i figured it was a wonderful opportunity to share with the fam.

meet mom and katie at the start of the trail head

5 minutes into the hike, mom was "feeling the altitude"

living on the edge

onward and upward

we hiked about two hours straight up with loads of switchbacks.  i may have forgotten to mention to my mother that it was basically a 2.5 mile hike straight up a mountain…whoops!  the wildflower meadows made up for it.

towards the top

celebrating life!

i most definitely recommend this trail–such a cool area to hike around!



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