inspired again.

i don’t know why my hiatus has been so long from writing but i am confidently inspired again to start sharing my endeavors!  maybe it was a new job change, maybe i was adjusting to life in seattle and realization set in that my close friends and family are actually much farther away when the daily happenings rarely include them anymore.  the newer friends i have made are just as amazing which i am so thankful for but no matter how great and exciting change can be, i will always be tied to my roots in the midwest.

that being said, i thought i would kick off my current weekend happenings with sharing a big happy birthday to brian’s mom, judy!  nobody loves a surprise more than i do, so when all of brian’s family decided to fly back to sacramento to surprise her, i couldn’t miss out on the chance to see the look on her face when all of her kids come through the doors.

waiting to be let in the house ready for the surprise….

enjoying having all her children back!

loving that california sun

filled with lots of cooking, laughing, and quality family time…to my family, i miss you dearly and can’t wait to get together soon!  cheers to summers and spending time with those you love!



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